Edwards Lab Genomics

The lab is involved in projects sequencing, assembling and analysing several organisms, from bacteriophage to vertebrates. Genome sequences and annotations will be made available through the lab WebApollo Genome Browser and can be searched using our Apollo REST server.

Edwards Lab Genome Projects

The lab are involved in a number of genome projects through various collaborations, the BABS Genome Project, and several national genomics consortia: Oz Mammals Genomics (OMG), Genomics for Australian Plants (GAP), Australian Amphibian and Reptile Genomics (AusARG), and the Threatened Species Initiative (TSI).

Notable genomes include:

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OneZoom Tree of Life explorer

Click on the organisms below to zoom to that node in the OneZoom Tree of Life Explorer, below. (Note: bacteria and phage projects are not included.) Click on the tree to see a TimeTree representation of some of the key organisms the lab has worked on, including the genomics projects.







Brown Snake
Tiger Snake Cane Toad Baker's yeast Rock Wallaby TimeTree